Monday, June 09, 2008


Standing in supermarket queues is something my husband and I find very amusing. Last night, we were waiting in line at the local hypermarket and there were two girls standing right in front of us. From the things in their shopping cart and their general demeanour, I could tell that they were single and probably living together. As the billing commenced, one of the girls told the guy at the counter that she was going to open one of the items and that he should bill it nonetheless. She pulled out a bottle of Evian and opened it. I noticed another bottle of Evian and 4 bottles of Bisleri. I looked at my husband and raised my eyebrows. I mean, it was EVIAN. Then the girl took a sip and looked our way. We noticed that were spectacle frame had the words “Giorgio Armani” written on them. S and I began our “gossip” about single people, disposable income and how some people are so brand conscious that they’d pick Evian when they were thirsty.

Then while they were getting ready to make way for us, the other girl looked at the bill and told the guy there was a mistake. She’d bought water and two bottles of water couldn’t cost her Rs. 180, could they? The guy looked at her and said, “This is Evian, it is Rs. 90 per bottle ma’m.” She said, “Then I want to return it.” And the look on her face was almost as thought she’d drunk liquor by mistake or something. Of course, that meant another wait of 10 minutes as their items were rebilled.

The way the girl reached out for the bottle of Evian and gulped it down made me think that these two knew what Evian was (I mean, why else would you even pick a bottle?) and their reaction on knowing the price were so contrasting that I wish I’d been able to take pictures. In their hurry, they left the opened bottle of Evian on the counter. As we got ready to pay, one of them came running back and picked up her bottle. She must have wanted “rejuevianation”.


~nm said...

Tsk tsk at such people!

wooster said...

he he! ha ha! ho ho!

i would've guffawed in front of them... please tell me you did too! :) say, does that hypermarket store kabalah too? :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you enjoy commenting on others mistakes, laziness, silliness etc and feel good that you are far better than all the less cultured ones according to your standards. I am sure each one of us come across people and situations which we dont like but again venting out our feelings in a public portal is pretty silly. There is nothing wrong in basking oneself in their own glory. Enjoy!

Raaga said...

@Nm: Yeah... precisely what I'm doing here.

@Wooster: I wish... but as I always tell my mom... good upbringing comes in the way!!

@Anon: This is my blog... and I talk about what I see around me. IMHO, your coming here and leaving a comment under "Anonymous" tells me so much about you and your insecurity levels.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you that its your blog and you have the right to write whatever you want. I realized it after typing my comment. I just opted not to leave my name, not that I was scared about you or whether you wud accept my comment or not. But if my writing under ''anonymous'' tells you so much about me and my insecurity levels, then IMHO from all your random thoughts and your constant bashing about people and venting out all your ill feelings from your past not so good experiences, tells me so much about you and your insecurity levels.

Raaga said...

@Anon: I find it surprising that you don't look at any of the good I've written in this blog. Suit yourself. I couldn't care less.

Radhika said...

True, you have written some good posts earlier on. But like Anon has said your crticizing other people with so much details really is leaving a bad taste. Maybe you should pause and see how you are reacting to other people's shortcomings.... for your own sake. For if you continue to have such opinions, you might soon may transform into a cynical person.

As I was reading this, I was thinking I should not make any mistake or appear foolish if I get a chance to be with you....coz that might come under the scanner immediately!!

Raaga said...

@Radhika: I didn't ask you to come here, I didn't ask you to read my blog. If I did, I'm sorry I've disappointed you.

I am not passing judgment, I am writing about things around me. If you find it so cynical and worry that I am turning into a cynic, I assure you that I am just the way I am... I love life and all the quirks that come with it.

In any case, your concern is appreciated.

Radhika said...

"I didn't ask you to come here, I didn't ask you to read my blog."

When a blog is public, does it need an invitation???? :-)))

Anyway, you can criticize well but really poor in taking crticism. I have loved so many of your posts especially your cooking section, so took the liberty to just let you know how I felt about this post. If it is not acceptable, yes, I will not come here and certainly I will not read your blog.

Raaga said...

@Radhika: It is a public blog... and thank you for visiting...but it is also my blog. I take it that you find it wrong for me to write about things that I see around me. I said earlier that your concern is appreciated, but I can assure you I am not becoming a cynic.

I find it surprising that suddenly there are so many people coming and criticizing this one post of mine alone. I take it that all's well as long as I write positives and how nice everything is... but if I say anything negative, the entire virtual community will jump at me and bite.

With all my posts, the caveat is: if the cap fits, wear it.

Sabita said...

looks like the girls with the evian bottles found your blog :P uff, touché!

Ranjani said...

What's with all the negativity?
I found your post kind of amusing actually!

Raaga said...

@Sabita: I was thinking that myself... else why would something amusing to say the very least be taken so personally!

@Ranjani: That was all this was intended to be... I wanted to share an incident... something I found amusing.

Ashok Govindarasu said...

I like the comments and the catfight better than the post. Heehee!! and indeed it looks like you've been hunted down by the girls from the supermarket. Hahaha.

@sabita - Acute Observation

And hey! No Offense!!!

Raaga said...

Chill: At least I'm famous :-)

And Ms./Mr. Anonymous has deleted her/his comments :-) so part of the catfight doesn't even seem logical :-)

Ashok Govindarasu said...

Hahahaha - Well, my dad always tells me when you get into a verbal duel with someone, keep up with him/her till the point that there is a sane conversation going... If abuse starts, just stop and walk away from it to show the other party who the better man is. I guess his advice wouldn't be too out of place here.

Chitty Cat said...

nice - i like your blog!
n yeah - weird ppl who flame on blogs (that too under anon identities) is sth u just gotta get used too - one of the many features of web 2.0 :P

I hardly thought you were making fun of those girls - rather - sharing your experiences - so yeah - you get to hear all sorts of opinions i suppose!

reminds me of my first day at the office. I speak impeccable english, i really do, like to wear the right accesories with my clothes, short hair - u can only imagine what sort ppl might think me to be

and then in the pantry- i said "err - this lemon tea sure is weird!"

and someone else replied:
"i dont think ur supposed to add milk to lemon tea"

happens. to all of us, at some point or the other :)

Anonymous said...

reminds me of this lady who picked up a bar of snickers and was surprised by the bill...she promptly put it back and left the place blaming that the bar was costly only in this particular store!!!