Wednesday, June 18, 2008

All things bright and beautiful

I never thought that a bottle of Evian could be the cause of so much heartburn. I never thought that a dinner party could leave so many people angry.

People seem to be slowly losing their sense of humour or misplacing it at the very least. I see a growing number that fails to see the humour, the real meaning behind the post, or the lighter side of things. Folks come here, read my posts, criticize, call me a cynic, take anything I say in my defence as proof that I cannot take criticism. Folks, who refuse to reveal who they are lest they should be traced, tell me that they fear meeting me because I may "find fault" with them. These people seem to pick on some one thing and beat it to death. They also say my posts say a lot about me. I'd expect they should, wouldn't you?

I am thankful for some friends I've made through this medium. I'm thankful for those who are able to see the lighter side of life because in my opinion (and that is really what this blog is about) that is the only way one can go through life without going insane. I laugh at situations and not at people. I vent out my frustrations and angst. Yes, I write a lot about people. It is the single most interesting subject to me apart from food. If I were to only write about all things bright and beautiful, my memoirs would be terribly lopsided, not to mention false. Yet, I look on the brighter side of things and am thankful for the readers that I have. You never know when a stranger can become a friend.

I hope that the folks out there who think I am judgmental and cynical would rediscover their sense of humour. I don't expect that everyone will find everything that happens in my life funny. But I do hope they allow themselves a good laugh every once in a while. To folks who take offence at just about everything I write, I can only say, "If the cap fits, wear it". In the words of Bugs Bunny, "Don't take life too seriously, no one gets out alive".


Rajitha said...

hey girl..keep writing the same ur blog..and honestly 'ur blog ur rules'...and puhleese isn't there a cynic in all of us...none of us live in 'la-la' land :)

Anonymous said...

Sense of humor at the cost of hurting others feelings and laughing at others shortcomings.are you saying ''when I criticise, you have to take it in a lighter vein, but others have no right to say somethin about me'' great attitude!!! Yep, you are the only one with wonderful upbringing!!! ''If the cap fits, wear it'' right, holds good for you too. I wonder if such a cute thing like bugs bunny enjoys negative humor.''"Don't take life too seriously, no one gets out alive". Exactly, why dont you take it easy and relax when people say something to you too rather than being rude to people! The way you talk about issues, we are also pointing out to certain issues of yours and not attacking you personally! ''If the cap fits wear it dear!'' oh well if the cap is only for us and not for you, then ''if the shoe fits wear it!''

Raaga said...

@Rajitha: Precisely... life has its good and bad moments... but sometimes people insist that if we only talk about the good, the bad will disappear.

@Anon: Thank you so much for your comments on my blog. They are very much appreciated.

finding thyself said...

I am new to your blog and can't exactly comment on what is transpiring. But I really enjoyed the Bugs Bunny quote!!! Amazing!!! Watched the cartoon as a kid but couldn't decipher the quote at that time!