Wednesday, October 04, 2006

A Tale of Four Cities

It happened to me... it really did. And now I'm a married woman.

The days leading up to the wedding from the engagement were beautiful, but there were probably some of my worst days in there too. Reminds me of the opening line of the famous Dickens novel. But I can probably now pen one of my own and call it "A Tale of Four Cities".

Almost everyday before the wedding, I had at least one person asking me if I was nervous. Finally I started asking people if I should be. My cousin called me and said, "You actually might feel like running away" and I thought, "What rubbish... why get into anything like this and then try and run away".

The wedding itself was a lot of fun, but it was extremely tiring and several of the unnecessary rituals drained me, both, physically and mentally. But nothing could mask the excitement that I felt inside me. There was the excitement of starting married life with someone who had come to be my closest friend. But there was also the slight sense of trepidation that I felt. Would I adjust? Having lived by myself for almost a decade, there are times when I wonder if I can live at home with my parents for months at a stretch (fortunately, I have no problems there), so the thought of living with someone day in and day out for the rest of my life did cause me to be a little worried. But then, I was marrying someone whom I trusted enough... to give me my space and the time I need to adjust to this new life.

Our jobs keep us in different cities. Our parents live in different cities. Airtel and Hutch sure are making a lot of money thanks to this. So, my new life hasnt started yet. But I'm looking forward to setting up "our" house, traveling on weekends, cooking meals for two. Sometimes just the thought of all the adjustments we'll be making reminds me of this song from "When Harry Met Sally"

You say "either" and I say "either"
You say "neither" I say "neither"
"Either" "either", "neither" "neither"
Let's call the whole thing off
You say "potato," I say "patattah"
You say "tomato", I say "creole tomata"
Oh, let's call the whole thing off Oh, if we call the whole thing off
Then we must part and oh
If we ever part, that would break my heart
So, I say "ursta" you say "oyster"
I'm not gonna stop eatin' urstas just cause you say oyster,
Oh, let's call the whole thing off
Oh, I say "pajamas", you say "pajamas"
Sugar, what's the problem?
Oh, for we know we need each other so
We'd better call the calling off off
So let's call it off, oh let's call it off
Oh, let's call it off, baby let's call it off
Sugar why don't we call it off,
I'm talking baby why call it off
Call it off!­
Let's call the whole thing off

I'm all set for this amazing journey! I'm calling nothing off... my husband says it is too late anyway! :-)