Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Plain old me(me)

Janani has tagged me for this me-me. She wants me to write about 6 quirks of mine. I don't even know where to start. The fear really is that if I start, will I be able to stop?

I have to think really hard to figure out what is really "quirky" about me. Everything that seems like a quirk to someone else must seem perfectly normal to me. Else, why would I be doing it? Anyway, here goes:

  1. I hate brushing my teeth. I still do it everyday, but I can put it off until the very last minute when I just "have" to. To distract myself, I stand at my window and brush my teeth.
  2. I wear a bindi at all times. Doesn't matter if I am in a saree or jeans. The size of the bindi may vary, but it will always be there.
  3. I can ride a bicycle for any distance without feeling fatigued, but find walking for more than 3 km draining.
  4. If I set my mind on something, I will find a way to do it. It could be jumping off a cliff into the Ganges or just sitting at home and doing nothing at all, all day long. If my heart's set on it, it shall be done.
  5. I am not remotely religious, but I have done the angapradakshanam at Tirupati. (I was just there to help my mother and ended up doing it.) That's how impulsive I can be.
  6. I hate hate hate when my name is misspelt or (worse still) mispronounced. I can be extremely sarcastic when someone calls me Anuriti, Anudati etc and teach them the spelling of my name.

The Meme rules --

Link the person who tagged you.
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Describe 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
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For this, I tag:
Rajitha, Sig, Kalai, Goutham, Divya, A-Kay.


SMN said...

hey Raaga, i hope i hv spelt u right especially after reading ur MEME im scared :)
i never visited this page before. it is very interesting and nice to know more about thru this meme..

Raaga said...

Thanks for visiting SMN :-)

My real name is Arundhati and that's where most folks have problems :-)

Prats said...

Came here blog clicking....and when I read your name out here, had to peep in....Love the name, and would have named my kid this if he had turned out to be a girl

Will drop in more often, cos I liked what I read here :)

Rajitha said...

i hear u on point 4..esp. sitting at home and doing nothing :D..and one of my good buddy hates her name mispronounced and misspelt...she once called up our client and gave him a good talking to..coz he added a 'h' to her name :D...

nice meme...will give it a go..

Kalai said...

Nice meme, Raaga! Good to learn more abt you. I wear a bindi at all times, too! Actually, I did this meme long back. You can check it out here:

A-kay said...

Sure - will do this sometime soon. Could identify with some of your quirks esp the name one :)

Rajitha said...

hey am i awesome or what :D

Goutham said...

arghh.. tagged again! how r u? will try to find somethin to write.. take care

Sig said...

Hey, you are not wearing a bindi in that picture!! Caught ya! :) hehe, nice meme darling, I have done it a while ago... it is too soon to unleash six more quirks to the world... So here you go! :)

Hrishikesh said...

You still avoid brushing your teeth? Shee ;-)

Ritu said...

Hi... Im adding you to my blogroll...

Rajitha said...

whaaat..long time no updates..update pannu ;)

Aaarti said...

hey Gurl!!

Cool tag!!can relate to a lot of stuff you've mentioned here.. guess that's why we connected so well :)

only diff is i can walk for hours without getting tired and enjoy it too!!:)cycle, well lets just leave it in the gym!!;)

Sachin said...

I agree with your "brushing teeth" syndrome.