Tuesday, August 07, 2007


So much has happened, yet it feels like nothing is happening. Apologies for ignoring this blog for such a long time. My food blog does get a lot more attention these days and with time, I am fairly certain that this problem will be fixed.

I was in the news almost all of yesterday and for a good part of Monday. CNN IBN was covering the crime rate in Gurgaon. Despite the shocking numbers, the ACP said that there was no need for panic. The situation, according to him, is under control. I'd like him to have 6 weeks of sleepless nights. Or 6 weeks of leaving for work each morning not knowing if all will be OK when we get back. 6 weeks of being suspicious about every activity outside his door. 6 weeks with no peace of mind. 6 weeks of the trauma I've been faced with, before he says, "I don't see any need for panic."

I've had advice pouring in from every corner.

  • "Why don't you leave your jewellery in a bank locker?"
  • "Why do you wait for a Saturday to go meet the authorities, why can't you go tomorrow?"
  • "Did you not lock your house properly?"
  • "Get a better lock."
  • "Get a maid to stay full time or ask your parents to come and stay with you."

Hindsight is always 20:20, right? I can think of a thousand things I could have done. But nothing can change the fact that my privacy was invaded. Someome broke into my house while I was away. Someone went through my personal belongings and took away something so dear to me.

People asked me, "If that mangalsutra is so sentimental, why were you not wearing it?" I really want to slap some people so hard. I don't need to explain to them that I got 5 mangalsutras at my wedding and can only wear one at a time. And isn't wearing it my choice? Even my mother didn't ask me why it was in the locker.

What amused me the most, however, was this guy from the Crime Branch.

Inspector: Aap gehne ghar mein kyon rakhte hain? (Why do you keep jewellery at home?)

Me: Sir, thoda sa to ghar mein rakha hi jaata hai. (Sir, some of it has to be kept at home.)

Inspector: Theek hai madam. Aap ka to gaadi se aana jaana hota hai, apne bag mein rakha keejiye." (That's fine Madam. You must be traveling in a car, carry the jewellery in your bag."

Me: Kyon? Taaki mera handbag chori ho jaaye aur aap poochhen ki akal nahin thi jo itna saraa bag mein liye phir rahi thi?" (Why? So my handbag could be stolen and then you can ask if I didn't have the common sense to not carry expensive stuff around?)

Having had your house burgled is one thing. Having your life open to question by just about anyone is quite another.


Goutham said...

feel so sorry for you, that the ordeal has not ended yet.

Revathi said...

In spite of all the grief you are going through, you have to agree there is humor in the the way people react :)
Just plain stupid :)

Deepthi said...

hey that is stupid for people to interfer and tell u wht to do. few may have right words and few the like the inspector who really not care..however loadsa hugs to u and s in dealing this....

Chitra said...

So right...must be very irritating for you and S to undergo all this.
Tk Cr

Raaga said...

@Goutham: Thanks. It was in the papers yet again this morning. I so hate this place.

Raaga said...

@Revathi: yes, I agree. Were it not for the humour, I wouldn't be writing this piece :-)

Raaga said...

@Deepthi: But people do interfere, in India, its like their birth right.

Raaga said...
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Raaga said...

@Chitra: It is irritating no doubt... but we have to deal with it.:-) Life!