Friday, June 08, 2007


I wonder…

… about many things. Some of them are:

Why do people fill their cars with stuffed toys?
Who said stuffed toys are for girls? See the countless men that I see… all middle aged, dribing to work in a big car, just them and their entourage of stuffed toys.

Why do Indians colour their hair blond?
Especially when it doesn’t suit them or makes them look old.

What’s with the clothes that girls these days wear?
In the name of formal wear, they wear fitting clothes that show parts of their anatomy that have no reason to be exposed. Then if someone (male) looks, they take offense.

Why do people wear chudas (red and white bangles) even with jeans and a T-shirt to indicate they are newly married?
And think that is OK, but feel it right to comment on my wearing a bindi with “western clothes” or comment on how weird it is that I wear my mangalsutra the “wrong” way because in my culture, newly weds wear it that way.

Separate posts on each of these topics, someday!


trupti said...

hahahahha....cute post....I often wondered about wearing the "chudas" and stuff with jeans and looks so weird, but I guess, to each his own.
I reserve my mangal sutra and bindis for sarees though.

Did you ever see the movie "chori chori chupke chupke"?
Rani Mukherjee wears her Mangalsutra over fancy, thats just tacky, in my opinion.

read your comment on the Vara Tandool..I don't know if its the same as rice ravva....I have a picture posted, the balls are round and small.....almost like couscous...but smaller.

Yes, The Thorn birds is about the Priest who falls for a much younger girl.... :)

Raaga said...

My mom asked me if I would wear the mangalsutra all thew time (I got 5 at my wedding) and hence don't mind. Most are very cute, and don't look like mangalsutras.

My dad told me to always wear a bindi... I always have a small black dot on my forehead. Most people think its a mole :):)

I watched Thornbirds as a televised show last year when I was between jobs... soon after marriage.

Revathi said...

I dislike when Indians color blond too. It's as though you WANNABE someone that nature did not intend to in the first place

seets said...

i honestly feel that when one wears a particular attire it should be done full justice too... I understand that people modify it as per their comfort doesnt give a wholesome look to the attire though

its like wearing sneakers with saris..just doesnt gel..

on a different note you should check out the women in IT offices in Chennai...very shabby dressing.. i have even come across women wearing torn salwar kameez!

Shalini said...

Lol, I just don't get the stuffed toys in the car trend! It's so silly!

About the chuda's I do understand, since you're not supposed to take them off at all for either 40 or 60 days. I wore mine for 40 days :-)