Thursday, June 14, 2007


Home Sweet Home

That's where I am headed today. This is probably the longest that I have stayed away from my beloved Madras. Six and a half months. And I am so eager to visit.

I want to

Sit and talk to Amma and Appa.
Go to the beach.
Meet friends.
Meet my friend VJ and his fiancee.
Attend the wedding of two friends who were almost family.
Shop at Nilgiris.
Eat paruppu urundai.
Savour Amma's lemon cheesecake and date bars.
Get my hair done at the best beauty parlour in the country: Kanya.

I wish S would come along. I am going to miss him. But it's Madras I'm going to. And just for 3 days. So I'm going to make the most of it.


seets said...

so when are you coming down? we should meet you know.. :)

btw we seem to differ in our opinions about Kanya... the one in besantnagar has a repelling effect on me!

Raaga said...

Leave this evening and reach tonight. Sure, let's catch up.

I've been visiting the Luz Kanya for almost 20 years now. Besant Nagar... maybe 3-4 years... but I allow only a select few to serve me :)

Ritu said...

Sigh!!!!! Reminds me of how badly I wanna visit my home town and my parents @ Cochin... Its been a year... And as u said, "the longest that I have ever stayed away"

Hope u enjoy all the fun things u have planned!!!!!

Raaga said...

Oh Ritu... your time shall come soon and you shall have more fun :)

Whizkid said...

Gr88, Have fun under the sun :)...
Was ther last weekend and the heat waves made a toast out of me :(..
But, yeah, there r so many things gud abt chennai apart from this one glitch :) and yeah, am not sure if u r a fan of satyam cinemas..I jus love being ther..watched "life in metro" and "cheeni kum" ther...yeah, U may get to watch "thalaivar" too provided u get the tickets !!

Pretty Woman said...

hey! Its been more than a year since i saw amma/appa as well as chennai...waiting to go there for a longer period...sigh! kanya - the best parlour in the world?....I guess they are extra nice to you...they dont really like me! :D

trupti said...

Have fun! hope you get to do everything on your list!


Raaga said...

@Whizkid: Is Thalaivar a movie, or do you mean Shivaji... sorry to sound like this, but I've never been up to date with tamil movies. But I love Sathyam. :-)

@Janani: I once thought about this long trip home... and it didn't work. So I make these 2 and 3 day trips every 3 months. Pinch the pocket, but I feel happy. And Kanya has been great for me.

@Trupti: I did meet a friend. She was at the airport with my folks. I of course spent time with my parents. I also ate the date bars and some brownies Amma made. So, I am on track. With your help, I will finish everything on that list :)

Whizkid said...


Yupe, was referring to "sivaji"

G'man said...

he he he..
lots to catch up with.. Been travelling for a while, and hence I have been out of the blogging scene.. How r u? Have fun in Mds..

Raaga said...

Sorry Seets and Bertie: this was a whirlwind trip. Next time, pakka!

wooster said...

yoohooo! you are tagged!

check out the rules there & follow them :)