Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Changing Trends

I had 3 vouchers of Pantaloons and I decided to share it with my family. I kept one for myself, gave one each to my brother and husband. On my own, I bought some things for my parents there, but the vouchers I divided among the people I knew would definitely use them.

About a couple of weeks ago, S and I went to the Pantaloons store in Gurgaon. I wanted to pick up some formal wear as I am no longer with a dotcom but with a research firm, I knew my collection of jeans and kurtis would not suffice.

I went to the women's section and was shocked to see the range of clothes. There were very few nice pastels. Browns and blacks ruled and there weren't any colours that I would have liked to try. No purples, reds, greens, yellows, pinks... I managed to pick up one light lavender shirt. Disgusted, we moved to the men's section. And right there, on male mannequins and just about all the place, I saw every colour that I may have wanted to buy. The most beautiful shades of orange, purple, pink, red and blue... all in the MEN's section. Why? Oh Why???

There will, as always, be things that are beyond my comprehension.

On a side note, a year ago, to this day, was what S and I consider the turning point of our relationship. It was at a dinner with friends at a pub in Delhi, Pebble Street, that we had our moments of truth. That we were probably more than friends. That we connected at a deeper level. So much that a few weeks later, he popped the question.


Damitra said...

First the promotion, then the wedding and now a similar shopping experience!! its like we are leading lives in parallel universes! And about this post...its not just the colours..checkout the beauty treatments too :)

Raaga said...

Oh wow...maybe we are twins separated at birth :)

Even when I was shopping for my wedding... I found men's wear so delicate and beautiful... and women's stuff so garish... what's the world coming to?

Pretty Woman said...

ha ha...I know! :) there is a new genre of men emerging...the heterosexual man! I would prefer men remained simply men!

Most of the times, when I go shopping in big malls, I don't see too many clothes...just bits and pieces of cloth :D

Ritu said...

Loved this post!!!! The other day I went to Lifestyle and was struck by this very thought... Clothes for women are sequinned and garish while men's wear has delicate embroidery!!!!!

Oh...I got here through the Pretty Woman's blog... Will certainly be back for more!!!!

Raaga said...

@Janani: Sometimes the gemstones they put on the dress are bigger than the dress itself.

@Ritu: Welcome aboard. Men's kurtas are so delicately embroidered... and pretty. Sigh!

G'man said...

Last Christmas, when I went shopping with my chithi for some shirts in Chennai, I was quite apalled by the red, purple and pink shades(all mixed together in one shirt) in men's collection. My chithi insisted that I should buy one of those. I personally couldn't see myself wearing one such thing and sitting in my office..

What is happening to men's fasion these days? Or am I just getting old?

Chill said...

I remember seeing this somewhere... " Men are Back" and we are here to stay. Lol. Its not heterosexual pretty woman, its metrosexual. :)

During my years in London, I always wondered why everything is sooo gloomy. It took me a few days to realize that everything that anyone wore was either black, white, beige or brown. Boring...

India is much better... I've heard londoners say India is a colourful country. I'm sure our Indian Men would contribute as much as they can to that colourful "TAG"

Raaga said...

Well Chill... I am not sure I like it :-)