Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stairway to Heaven

The heavy fog on a cold winter night. The scene right in front of our building.


popsie said...

Yet another beautiful pic, raaga. Why don't you start a photography blog and move all these pics there?

Raaga said...

Thanks... but why bother with creating yet another blog?

Bong Mom said...

I can never ever climb such winding stairs. Is that a residential building ?

The stairs in the fog, a very nice effect

Bong Mom said...

Stupid me, it is a water tank, isn't it ?

Houses don't have such stairs any more !!! My grandma's neighborhood in old calcutta had some houses with these stairs, mainly for the "jharudars" to go up & down

Raaga said...

Thanks Sandeepa. It is not a water tank... these are the emergency stairs at the corner of the residential building. One doesn't have to climb these everyday :)