Thursday, February 15, 2007

Strange Encounters of the Arranged Kind - 1

Oru paattu paadu maa (Please sing a song)

A lot of people have said that to me, but I am fortunate that I didn’t have to go through this routine when it came to meeting prospective grooms. An earlier post talks of my single life and presents a mixed bag of my experiences. A woman’s life is not complete in this land until she has tied the knot… until she becomes the wife of someone. (Something tells me this completion exercise won’t stop here either… she has to be the means to let the family name go on… then get her children married… endless)

Over the years, I’ve had my share of fun with the arranged marriage set up. I must admit that I was never really against the idea, nor do I feel that one type of marriage is better than the other. And when I met these guys, I was not wasting anyone’s time… definitely not my own. But despite being practical and reasonably serious in my approach, I met every kind of man.

Mr. I’m-so-rich-I-can’t-help-it: I forget how I met this guy. Through a mutual friend I think. He asked to be introduced to me and we met. From the time we met till we said good-bye, he kept bragging about his income. About how he makes so much money that a middle class family can comfortably live on the amount he pays as tax. He asked me what perfume I was wearing. I told him it was Chanel No. 5. He brought out a package containing Davidoff Cool Water and said, “This is perfume. Not some stupid thing which you are using. At the start of the conversation, he told me about how he would be fully supportive of his wife’s career and all that. Then, towards the end of the conversation, he said, “I’d love for my wife to greet me with a cup of steaming hot coffee when I get back after a hectic day at work.” Innocent me looked at him and said, “What about her hectic day at work?” to which he replied, “That’s why I want you to stay at home… I make enough for the two of us put together.” I promptly gifted the Cool Water to a colleague the next day. I never quite liked it. Now, I’m not sure if that was only because of who gave it to me and how he said Chanel, my precious Chanel No. 5, was not perfume.

To be continued...


G'man said...

Very interesting read.. Can't wait for the continuations.. :)

Oh! I hate the bragging kind as well..

Sunanda said...

I always do the bragging kinds continue like that when moooooooost people don't like braggers and most of us definitely let it out some time or the other how painful the bragging is...but still I have seen so many quite oblivious to the fact!! Mysteries of the human intelligence!

Tambourine Girl said...

He put Coolwater over Chanel no. 5?? Hehe...that's like comparing the girl next door and Marilyn Monroe, but then he seems to want the girl next door :P

Lady, you oughta hit this side of town...if we get talking we won't sleep two nights in a row atleast :))

Raaga said...

@G'man: Don't we all? One a week at least is what I'm hoping.

@Sunanda: Several of my blogs are about such mysteries... things that will forever remain beyond my comprehension :)

@TG:I am pretty certain about it. Will keep you posted about trip there.

janani said...

ha ha...interesting indeed! There is a wide variety out there...some of us lucky to meet the good ones :D