Monday, February 12, 2007

Key learnings from the weekend

The weekend went by… and we didn’t do much. But I experienced my very first hailstorm. Fun at first, scary after a bit, but on the whole, a very unique experience.

Rains in January and February… something unheard of in this part of the country. I’d not seen rain even in the rainy season when I lived here earlier, so the sight of lightning a week ago did take me by surprise. The heavy rains over the weekend, including the hailstorm, were unexpected.

The guy in the Cadbury’s Bytes ad says, “I’ve learnt tow things today”. In quite the same way, I have learnt two things as well.

  1. We don’t have umbrellas or raincoats and as a result, we are totally unprepared for a shower.

  2. Gurgaon doesn’t have a drainage system. Maybe the town planners didn't expect rains at all... ever!

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