Friday, May 15, 2009

The Indian Vegetarian's 100

I just read Nupur's post on the Indian Vegetarian's 100. After listing her Vegetarian's 100, she has now published the top 100 Indian vegetarian foods that one must try at least once in their lives.

Your challenge, should you take up this meme is to:

Copy the entire list, along with these instructions, into your blog post

Bold the foods that you have tried
Strike out the foods you would never try (I used a red font as I was unable to strike out)
Tell us your score in the comments :)

If you wish to, make your own list or add to this one (something I plan to do later)

Nupur's Vegetarian 100:
19. Paneer
24. Kokum
40. Papad
46. Bhakri
52. Amla
60. Jalebi
64. Misal
84. Thecha
85. Rasam
94. Pakoda
100. Chaas

I don't think I shall ever taste the Bhut Jolokia which is considered the King Cobra of chillies. I have yet to eat Sai Bhaji. It is one dish that I've seen make the rounds of so many popular blogs. I have yet to make it or taste it.

My score is 98%. I think it is brilliant that I've actually tasted 98% of the stuff that Nupur believes vegetarians must try in Indian food. Thanks Nupur, this was fun!


pRiyA said...

i am surprised at how many i've tasted too. but i have no idea what 'sai bhaji' or 'chaas'is among a few other things.
Bhut Jolokia i have to at least look at if not try after learning that it is the King Cobra of chillies.

Aparna said...

That's a pretty good score. :) Like I said in my post, the fact that a lot of south Indian stuff is mentioned helps, I guess.