Friday, February 29, 2008

Stereotypes are here to stay

Stereotypes are here to stay. Or so it seems to me from the ads on radio and TV. These two ads stand out. I am sure there are more.

Stereotype #1:

Ad on TV shows a man coming into the office and trying many things to get his PC on. The man is obviously a “South Indian” shown with vibhuti on his forehead. No details spared. Then a “smart” lady appears, who is noticeably not “South Indian”, and she indicates to the man that the computer is not plugged in.

Product: Some tax saving product from Birla Sun Life.

Stereotype #2:

Ad on radio that talks about how a Mr. So-and-so sent his son abroad for studies and got his daughter married with a lot of pomp and show and yet, and even though he is retired, he relies on no one financially.

Product: IDBI Suvidha fixed deposit.

In 2008, we still resort to portraying the south Indian as dumb. In 2008, we still talk of educating our sons and marrying off our daughters. What can I possibly say?


Chitra said...

Irritating illa? i saw this advt on tv and wondered abt the same

Lahari said...

Hmmmm .... Wht would u say abt the ads potraying women still for all cleaning products from dish washing liquid to washing machines... and the list is endless and its the same all over the world is the pity.

Ritu said...

Lord!!! I so agree here..although i haven't seen either ad since we don't own a TV but I can imagine them!!!!

Chillpilgrim said...

Another irritating ad is Bingo's Vaaaaaaango, Ukkaaaaaaarungoooooo featuring the same guy... terrible uff

Eashwar said...

You were my HR manager for sometime in Bangalore.Nice to see you here.You have a nice blog too!!

Destination Infinity said...

The ADs generally reflect the attitude and the mood of the times. We should also comprehend what the ads dont say - The son is settled in abroad, the daughter is also married and gone. What then happens to the parents? Are they left alone in old age? This is what the ad is trying to convey and asking people to save right now and live on their own, as most of the siblings may not wish to part with their wealth. People only see the foreign going sons and marrying of daughters! Everyone becomes old one day - Remember.

Destination Infinity.

Sachin Garg said...

quite an observer you seem.
great blog!

~nm said...

Reached to your blog today. And I know I'm more than a month late in posting my comment here but I just can't resist.

I didn't really understand the first AD but I totally agree with you on the second one.

Keep writing!

Ashish said...

hehe, stereotypes are too deeply ingrained in indians, even superstitions for that matter :( but what can you do? they are too superstitious to even consider that they are wrong. i wrote something on that:

anyway, nice blog, read a bit and reading through it right now. and thanks for commenting :)

finding thyself said...

Ad-1: I thought the Southee's were considered a brainy lot! With most of them dominating the IT field, they have prove themselves to be a brainier lot. The ad seems to taken a poor shot at this.

A2: A good observation in one of the earlier posts.... the son who went to abroad doesnt take of his parents anylonger. Welcome to the new india!!