Thursday, January 10, 2008

Small is Beautiful

I am extremely excited about the Tata Nano. I am unable to contain my excitement. My mother promised to gift me one whenever it is released. But that's not the only reason I am excited.

I have always been worried about the scooter or the motorcycle being the complete family vehicle. This car will change that. OK, the basic model doesn't have an AC... but no motorcycle or scooter that I have seen has one. In the last 24 hours, I have met so many people who feel this car shouldn't be on the roads. That this is the biggest mistake the Tatas are making. That our roads will be congested. That too many people will be able to afford it. Somehow I think the fact that everybody can afford something that would make their lives a little easier and a little safer is a good thing. Not something we should complain about. But maybe people in India think of cars as a luxury. Why, even I did, for a long time. But maybe the people's car will mean that it will cease to be a status symbol. Maybe that's why people are worried.

If you ask me, it is the huge Mercs and BMWs that congest our roads. Not the likes of the Nano. There's no hue and cry about the number of luxury limos that come into the country. Our roads seem to be OK with them. But when there is a small beauty that everyone can afford, it becomes something we are not OK with. I am more convinced that we are either a nation of hypocrites or one of confused souls.

At the end of the day, I feel that most of the criticism for the Nano is because it is a Tata car. When we bought our vehicle last year, there were so many people, including some of our "closest" friends, who asked us if we were planning to start a taxi service. Just because we own an Indica. I have never felt my pride dip even once. I'd much rather drive a Tata Car than any other. I was all set on the Marina as our next car, but now I think I'd love the Nano more.

We plan to go and check the baby out at the Auto Expo. I was least excited until the news of Nano's release came out. Babies take 9 months and mothers and grandmothers do get excited. So, it is normal for my mother and I to feel this way. We shall await our little one.

It is a huge step forward for the car industry, for the Tatas, and for India. It is a bonus that it is as cute as it is. Maybe we can have Nano autos. And maybe more people will make fun of me then for driving around town in it. But I will never be ashamed to be seen in a Tata car a.k.a. a People's car. I hope this car meets with success. I hope for a safer and accident free India. I can only wish Ratan Tata well. What I (and millions like me) dreamt of, he has achieved. I hope that it will replace the two wheeler as India's family vehicle.


Chitra said...


We do think alike...dont we?
I am totally excited abt this car. Was sooper thrilled to read abt it in reuters and car looks so swanky and nice. I was speaking with amma this morning and was telling her that they should get one in september as soon as it gets released. Wow ~ I wd have definitely bought this car to replace my Bajaj Saffire if i was at home. Cool !!

nony said...


Must say it was in news here too...yesterday it was telecasted on fox news as the cheapest car in the world but I was agitated at the newsreader as she was finding the word "Tata" hard to pronounce:(((.

Raaga said...

Yup... am waiting for it eagerly :-)

Laksh said...

Totally share your views on this one and most of your other posts. I read your post on Dhawan's movies nodding my head for every line :)

lipstick said...

Its an amazing concept and giving rest of the world a run for their money.Did you go to the expo? Sis was there at the TVS stall and won a prize for best concept bike also...

Revathi said...

any color preference?

Sid said...

The car is good and is definitely a breakthrough. No doubts there.

Problem is, our roads are full of immature drivers who don't give two hoots for the rules and don't care to learn either.

A large portion of these people are currently confined to inflicting bumper damage to cars because they drive two wheelers.

Now they will be able to wreak larger-scale havoc on the roads and kill people too.



Sheetal Narang said...

Nano will rock... So does the Indica Diesel... what mileage!

If I can afford a Merc then why not drive & flaunt one?
Nothing wrong in that.

We middle class people are always critical about what the rich drive, wear or own

Raaga said...

@Sid: You talk like the average guy on the streets.

@Sheetal: I am not critical of what the rich drive or own... I am saying that the folks driving around in Mercs congest the streets far more than a Nano will.

Sid Khullar said...


Perhaps you sound like a ranting, intolerant left wing fanatic, who is blind to all but her own crazed opinions... but then, thats ok, since you're entitled to your views.

On one hand you talk about how the car is going to help people and on the other, refer to me as the 'average guy on the streets' in a derisive manner.

I think you're confused.


Raaga said...

@Sid: I said that because of the sarcasm in your comment... it is exactly what I hear from most folks who are opposed to the idea.

Sid Khullar said...

No sarcasm lady... just resigned acceptance of the inevitable.


Raaga said...

Sid: OK, you're NOT the average guy on the road. :-)

Sid Khullar said...

Of course not!

And you're NOT a ranting, intolerant left wing fanatic, who is blind to all but her own crazed opinions.



finding thyself said...

Guess post Nano on the road, Bush will blame the increase in energy demand on Indian Middle Class for driving around in cars!!! I am not sure if his term would last till then but for sure he is going to make the statement somewhere!!

hats off to Tata for a remarkable achievement. Tatas in the pursuit of profitablity is balancing with doing something good as well. Though not sure about the pollution issue, but kudos to the concept.