Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Every time I am inside an aeroplane and it is about to land, there is an announcement that asks people to remain seated until the seat belt sign is switched off. Yet, people start moving when the plane is still taxiing. The announcement also asks people to keep their mobile phones switched off until they leave the aircraft. Yet, people start talking on their phones even before the seat belt sign is turned off. Why?

I fail to understand why we are unable to follow commands. Is it that we don't like to be ruled? That we don't like to be told what to do?

On the streets of Delhi, when the signal turns red, unless a policeman actually stands in front of the traffic, it continues to move ahead. At times I feel we truly behave like we don't deserve the freedom we are blessed with. At others, I feel we may be well on our way to having someone else take advantage of the entire situation and come rule over us again.


Guru said...

i agree with you very much on this. the worst part is , it is the EDUCATED class which doses that. They find some sort of strange satisfaction in opeing the overhead cabin and picking up their luggages. They dont understand or resect the fact that people in teh front row should be let first. Its a matter of basic discipline which we lack.

popsie said...

Absoultely agree with what you think and have to say. What about us Indians treating our very own roads like garbage while that is not the case when we Indians go abroad.Guess, it's about discipline that is inborn and inculcated in and by an individual...factors like upbringing, attitude and being meticulous do influence being diciplined.

vinay said...

i agree...i have wondered abt the same myself so often..but really dnt know why do we do it? if we can eb disciplined in the delhi metro (ref. another article of yours), why not in the airport or in the flight? what gives?

Catherine said...

The airplane thing at least is just as true in the rest of the world as you say it is in India, so don't despair too much. ;)

finding thyself said...

Heard this many times from many different people that India is the only place where there is a traffic signal along with a traffic constable to see to that people follow them properly!!! people need to cultivate a self discipline. Most of our impressions are formed by watching our parents and our peer group. Maybe the new generation can make a difference by following rules, wearing a helmet, witching off phone when necessary, etc. Maybe a generation one or two down the line will be a lot more mature than what we are.