Monday, October 29, 2007

Sky is the limit

I love the colours of the sky. I can gaze endlessly at a pretty sky and I think this autumn was simply beautiful. Most of these pictures were taken from our bedroom window. I am rarely home at sunset, but when I am, I am in awe. Of nature, of creation.

The monsoon sky in Gurgaon.

The summer sky in the Garhwal Himalayas.

The monsoon sky in Manali.

Sunset at the Taj.

Sunset at home.

The twilight zone.

The waves belong in the sky as well.


Ritu said...

My God... Beautiful pics..... Abs abs enthralling....

Goutham said...

simbly amazing I say.. Did you shoot them?

Laksh said...


Raaga said...

@Ritu: Thanks. :-)

@Goutham: Who else?? Whose photos will I put on my blog??

@Laksh: Thanks :-)

methodactor said...

Stunning. I have this same thing for rivers. I start salivating miles away. I love them high, low, full, waning, glorious, Brahmutra-esque. Its almost bordering on lust. ;-)

Apple said...

Lovely pics...liked the sunset pic at TAJ a lottt

finding thyself said...

Good piece of work! You are talented with words as well as photo!!! Enjoyed all the posts that have been put up here... thought provoking, stimulating, intellectual and stunning (images)!!

Heard critiques are necessary for an artist to produce good work by going that extra mile, you got plenty around!!! :)