Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January Blessings

Suddenly, there seems to be a lot happening.

  • We surprised my parents at the airport by going there to receive them in the new car.
  • We celebrated my dad's birthday by eating out at a fantastic Italian restaurant after shopping during the day.
  • We went on a really long drive with my parents. All the way to Jaipur and back.
  • I sang a popular English number at last night's Karaoke show. I also sang a not so popular song: An Abba number that I used in one of my earlier blogs.
  • One of my closest friends delivered a baby boy about an hour ago. I'm thrilled and I can't wait to go meet both of them.


Whizkid said...

How I wish every month is as blissful for every one of us :-)

Sunanda said...

Wish uncle a very happy birthday from KPS3. :)
Just curious does he still have that luna/tvs?
How was Jaipur? Will a travelogue with photos come up? :)
My travelogues are going to take some time...:)
Only the other day GM was praising your singing skills...never knew you did, did you lean back towards dance again?

Raaga said...

@ Sunanda: Will do. He never had a Luna/TVS... that was your mom :) He had an Enfield Silver Plus... we gave that away 11 years ago. I bought a TVS Super Champ in 96 that I gifted to someone at my wedding.

Jaipur travelogue coming up.

And we went to the same school, right? You didn't know I sang???? I never leaned back towards dance :)

@ Whizkid: everyone has blissful months. Its just that the blissful moments are interspersed with the not so blissful moments. I chose to only write about the nice moments :)

Mukund said...
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Mukund said...

a lot does seem to be happening indeed! congratulations on the new car :-) and btw, I've started driving as well!!

Raaga said...

Thanks Mukunda... and congratulations as well :)