Friday, June 16, 2006


I've been traveling a lot lately... or so I seem to feel. A trip to Pune on work... an unexpected trip to Mumbai because I missed my flight in Pune. A drive down the much talked about Pune - Mumbai Expressway. A Spanish exam within 3 days of getting back. A trip to Delhi and Gurgaon and then to Kanpur to attend the wedding of my alter ego... spending a day in Delhi, just totally in awe of the place... this is so not the city I left behind 5 years ago. Wide roads, lush greenery, and a never-before experience of pubbing with friends until midnight.

All of this gave me the hangover of a lifetime. I didn't expect a short 4 day trip to give me such a high, bit it did. And now I'm back at work. I'm not too happy about it. Now my mind's traveling. As always, a thousand or more thoughts cross my mind every minute, some happy thoughts, some not so happy thoughts.

All of a sudden I'm wondering about what lies ahead. I've become apprehensive about the future, something I wasn't before. I've always been pretty sure of myself... but now suddenly I worry about tomorrow... I worry about the what ifs.

My body is back in Bangalore, but my mind is wandering. I hope it will return sometime soon.


Sunanda said...

Welcome back! :)

wooster said...

tu sochti bahut hai... :p

Mukund said...

indha yosanai ellam unakku thevaiya?? apparam ennai madiri aiyiduvey, jagradhai :)

Caffeinism said... late at seeing this...i think u will fall back into the groove soon..

Raaga said...

Thanks everyone... for the welcome and the comments.

I think I will be back here real soon :-)