Thursday, May 11, 2006

Restless Mind, Random Thoughts

Today, thoughts seem to be crossing my mind at a pace that I'm unable to keep up with.

Some thoughts:

I took my parents and a friend to see "The Pink Panther". I quite liked the movie, but couldn't help but compare it to the Peter Sellers version.

One of the movies slated to hit the theatres soon is The Da Vinci Code. I'm debating whether or not to watch the movie. I liked the book and am wondering if the movie will do it justice.

Jayalalitha will not form the government in TN. If the anti incumbency factor is so strong in the state, why bother with elections every 5 years? Why not just ask each party to rule for 5 years? Why waste taxpayers' money, raise our hopes, and go through this drama? Now the state has the good fortune of the DMK government again with KK on the throne. The people of TN have brought this upon themselves. I can see the excited coffers of a few individuals... excited in anticipation of the wealth they'll see in the next 5 years!

But amidst all these thoughts, I'm also thinking about the weekend, about my parents, about Mother's day, about my brother's birthday, about unfinished projects, about my trip to Kanpur next month, about my vacation in Singapore last month, about decorating my home, about making sashes for my curtains, about fixing my broadband connection, about getting the telephone directory, about closing my loans, about starting workouts, about losing weight, about learning Spanish, about learning tatting, about studying further, about a vacation Down Under, about finding that special someone, about getting married. Then I realize this: My phone hasn't rung in a while now. And I'm beginning to wonder why I have to go through this all over again.


Sunanda said...

*Oooh I wanted to watch pink panther too...never did. :(. Say hi to aunty,uncle and happy b'day to bro.
* You liked Da Vinci Code? I found it very pot boilerish towards the end. Angels and Demons was worse and that's when I really got bored of his writing.
* Yeah, sad state these elections! What happened to Paritran? Did they lose their deposit?
* It's time for you to give me your number. :). Atleast the crib will change to : "My phone doesn't ring, except ofcourse for Sunanda the SpammerJack". It's the predictability that we hate don't we? hehehehe.
Have fun...toodles.

G'man said...

hmmm.. Too many thoughts.. On the contrary I am going through a small phase of complete mental washout.. Very few thoughts as though something up in my head is missing..[:)] .. Hope you find your priorities soon and get down to doing things that you have been wanting to do.. Take care..

Has to be me said...

Whoa....what a range of thots! :)

I particularly liked the one on Jaya & Karu!

Anywayz, hope ur wishes come true soon! :)

Raaga said...

@Sunanda: I'll pass on your hi and wishes :), I liked the book, OK a little wishy washy at the end, but I liked it. I'll let someone else answer about Paritran... I have no idea what happened to them. And sure, I'll give you my number :)

@G'man: Thanks... and I hope to prioritize soon.

@Has to be me: Thanks for dropping by. I hope to keep seeing you here.